Unbleached Indian Prefolds, 6 Pack

Unbleached Indian Prefolds, 6 Pack

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Prefold Cloth Diapers

These unbleached Indian Prefold diapers are super soft and super absorbent. Indian prefolds are sold in sets of 6. Available in three sizes.

Infant: These are great for newborn through 15 lbs. They are 4X8X4 ply and measure 12 inches X 16 inches unwashed, 10 x 13.5 inches once washed.
Regular: These are wonderful for babies in that in-between stage. They are perfect for the older infant & younger toddler. They are 4X6X4 and measure 14.5" x 21" prewashed, 12.5 x 17 inches once washed.

Premium: Great for about 15-30 lbs, for overnight, and heavy wetters. They are 4X8X4 and measure 14.5 “ X 21” prewashed, 12.5-13 x 18 inches once washed. These are roughly the same size as regular prefolds, they just have a thicker ply.

How do these differ from Chinese prefolds?
They generally are less pilly and shrink a bit more than Chinese prefolds.
Unbleached Indians are softer, especially after the first few washes. The fabric on the Chinese is woven a little denser, so they will shrink slightly less and feel less soft. They ‘quilt up’ a little less than the Indian Diapers, the Indian diapers get a more ‘quilted’ appearance. Indian diapers having a softer weave, tend to have a more frayed appearance at the ends of the diapers and an occasional loose thread. This is normal and expected and does not affect the diapers durability or usability. Frayed edges do not make a defective diaper.

Check out our prefold packages!
These work great tri-folded in a Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover!

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