Summer Swim Set (Swimmi, Wet/Dry Bag & Changing Pad)

Summer Swim Set (Swimmi, Wet/Dry Bag & Changing Pad)

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The Summer Swim Package comes with a Swim Diaper, Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry bag and matching Changing Pad. Makes taking baby to the pool as easy as can be! Just lay out the changing pad, change baby & head to the water. Keep your phone, wallet, dry diapers in the dry section. When you are done swimming, change baby back into a dry diaper, toss the wet swimmi into the wet side and off you go. You'll be the cool, organized mom all summer long!
Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper available in:

Apple Cheeks:  Size 1 = 7-20 lbs, Size 2 = 18-35+ lb
Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper Mojito
Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper Pickled Pink
Pickled Pink
Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper Totally Twilight
Totally Twilight
Planet Wise Wet/Dry bags & Changing Pad features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • PVC and lead-free locking zippers on Wet/Dry bag
  • Made with high quality designer fabrics with coordinating inner material
  • Bags are sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking
  • Bags Resists most odors and stains keeping smells in

    Medium Wet/Dry bag is 13" x 15" and holds lost of wet swim gear!




    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Aqua Swirl
    Aqua Swirl
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Art Deco
    Art Deco
    Planet wise Medium Wetbag Bangle Dots
    Bangle Dots
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Black
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Black Curly Q
    Black Curly Q
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Chocolate
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Daisy Dream
    Daisy Dream
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Fiesta
    Medium Planetwise Wet/drybag Flame

    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Geometric Studio
    Geometric Studio
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Green Meadow
    Green Meadow
    Planetwise Medium Wet Dry Bag Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat
    Lime Cocoa Bean
    Medium Planetwise wet/drybag Meadow Tweets 
    Meadow Tweets
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Midnight Curl
    Midnight Curl

    Monkey Fun
    Monkey Fun
    Planetwise Medium Wet Dry bag Monster mash
    Monster Mash
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Owl
    Medium Planetwise Wet Dry bag Patchwork Plaid
    Patchwork Plaid
    Medium Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag Pink Swirl
    Pink Swirl

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