RLR Laundry Treatment - 2 pods
RLR Laundry Treatment Pod

RLR Laundry Treatment - 2 pods

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RLR Laundry Treatment - 2 pod pack
What to do when your diapers are leaking? Maybe it is time to strip them. Does your washer seem to be leaving the dingy in your whites? RLR Laundry Treatment is the answer!
RLR Laundry Treatment is the best detergent to use to strip your cloth diapers, or clean out your washer! Works great in soft, regular, and hard water! Removes the build up of detergent, dried-in particles and general ick from your cloth diapers!
RLR is not a bleach or a soap, it is a special once a month treatment to keep your fabrics looking and feeling clean. RLR is bio-degradable and contains no phosphates.
Use RLR Laundry Treatment when you are experiencing leaking or when your diapers just need a little TLC.
When using to whiten laundry, simply empty pod directly onto laundry. Wash as normal, with detergent, fabric softener, etc.
When using to strip diapers, empty pod onto wet or dry diapers. Run a wash & double rinse cycle without detergent. Continue rinse cycles until no bubble appear in the water.
Also availbale in an RLR Laundry single use packet.

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