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Thank you for shopping Nell's Natural Baby for your Cloth Diapers, Diaper Covers and Diapering Accessories!

Nells Natural Baby Coupons

Nells Natural Baby Coupons

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Safe, Natural Bedding Have you seen our new bedding selections? The Wonder Bumpers are a safe alternative to the traditional crib bumper! We have teamed with Caden Lane to bring you 100% cotton sheets in a variety of beautiful prints. 

Save Baby, Save Money, Save the Earth

There are so many reasons to use cloth diapers. Not the least of these is your baby! Most disposable diapers contain: 1.) Dioxin, which is a chemical the EPA lists as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals.  2.) Tributyl-tin (TBT). This is known to cause hormonal problems in humans. It has been outlawed in women's hygiene products. 3.) Polyacrylate which can cause skin irritation, severe allergic reaction, vomiting, staph infections and fever. I know these are not things you would knowingly expose your baby to!

What about your money? You can save $1800-$2000 on your first baby! Check our calculations here: When additional babies join your family, you can reuse cloth diapers again & again.

Finally, cloth is best for mother earth. On average, disposables generate 60x more solid waste, use 20 times more raw materials and take an estimated 250-500 years to decompose. For every child in disposable diapers, one ton of waste is deposited in a landfill!

We know how many choices you have for cloth diapers, and we are so glad you chose to shop with us. With a full range of cloth diapers and accessories, we want to help you find everything you need to make your cloth diapering experience a fun one! If there is ANYTHING we can do to make your shopping experience easier, please let us know by clicking the "Contact" button at the top of the page. While the thought of Cloth Diapers may cause some to cringe, they really are the safest and cheapest way to diaper your baby! Trust us, once you get started, it is EASY!

The rectangle prefolds with pins and plastic pants are still around, if you are wanting to go "old school"! Some moms swear by them, and they are the tried and true method. They really do work wonders! But, with modern cloth diapers, even the most hesitant can become cloth diapering converts! Most parents agree once you try cloth diapers, you don't want to go back to the disposables. From bumGenius new Freetime All-in-One cloth diapers, 4.0 pocket diapers  and Organic All-in-one cloth diapers to Bummis Diaper Covers and Swimmis, Grovia Shell Sets and Indian Cotton Diaper Prefolds, we've got it all for you to fully stock your "Cloth Diaper Fluff Stash"! Nell's also offers tons of Multi-Product & Bulk Package Deals!
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we love cloth diapers

Do you know why parents choose cloth diapers? Some choose to start cloth diapering because of the money they save. In the first 2 years of diapering, you will spend approximately $1800 on disposable diapers. Even using high end modern cloth diapers, you can easily get by on $600! Don't believe us? We have move to cloth diaper packages to prove it! The bumGenius Move to Cloth Package, the Fuzzibunz Move to Cloth Package, and the Thirsties Move to Cloth Package can all be purchased for under $600. These cloth diaper packages will cover a baby for their entire diapering career. Others turn to cloth diapering for the health benefits. Disposable diapers are full of toxins including 1.) Dioxin, a chemical the EPA lists as the most toxin of all cancer-linked chemicals. 2.) Tributyl-tin (TBT), known to cause hormonal problems in humans. 3.) Polyacrylate, can cause skin irritation, severe allergic reaction, vomiting, staph infections and fevers. The organic fibers of many cloth diapers is just that - organic fibers. Another huge benefit of cloth is for our environment. One child in disposable diapers creates one ton of waste in our landfills! It is estimated that those diapers will not decompose for another 250-500 years! How can we change that statistic for our children? Use cloth diapers, dump waste in the toilet & wash in the washer. I also tend to think cloth diapers are super cute & who doesn't spend all the baby years making those little people just as cute as possible!

Do cloth diapers seem to hard? With so many cloth diapers to choose from, maybe you are getting a lit overwhelmed. Don't! It really is pretty easy to figure out once you break it down. Basically there are only 5 types of cloth diapers, and there are parents who swear by each type. If you are new to cloth diapering, you may want to look at our cloth diaper preview pack. Let's start from the most basic to the most convenient.
Prefolds ~ Three Panels of absorbent cloth of organic material. While you can use folding and fasteners, the easiest way to use a prefold is to use a hook & loop closing, tight fitting cover and just lay the prefold inside the cover. A diaper cover is necessary as it provides the waterproofing for the diaper.

Fitted ~ Fitted Diapers need an outer cover to provide waterproofing. However, the diaper is one tailored absorbent piece and does not require any folding or fasteners as it has snaps or hook & loop of it's own to stay on the baby.

PUL Covers ~ A diaper cover is needed with both of the prefolds and fitteds. It is just a layer of waterproof fabric that tightens with velcor or snaps over the diaper.

Shell Systems (All-in-Twos) ~ These systems have an outer waterproof shell and allows for snap-in absorbant liners. When changing, switch the inner liner for a fresh one and reuse the outer shell. Extra inserts can be purchased for more absorbancy. Most all-in-twos are one size that fit babies 7-35 pounds.

Pocket Diapers ~ Have a waterproof outer with fleece interior. The diaper has a pocket where washable absorbent liners are inserted. You can easily customize the liners to match the absorbency that is required. They fasten with hook & loop or snaps. Most pockets are one-size that fit babies from 7-35 pounds.

All-in-ones ~ Have the absorbent diaper and waterproof cover as one piece that is easily fastened on the baby with snaps or hook & loop. It is much like a disposable diaper. They are available in sized or one-size varieties that fit babies from 7-35 pounds.
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